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Veterinary Help


We provide with the best veterinary service with trained and experienced doctors.

Films for Fun


There are a lot of films in Hollywood that has dogs as the main characters. These films are screened for the kids to have better relationships with their pets.


Socialization Training


Training for socializing with pets will be provided by the certified experts in the field.

Pet Healthcare

Providing proper health care to your pets is a basic thing to provide your pets. We have the best facilities and trained professionals to provide them.


We have the periodic screening of moves with dogs playing main characters.

Veterinary Diets

We provide free diet tips for your pets that have a very positive impact on their growth and health.

Pet Training

Doggy Poo World offers the best pet training form the experts in the field.

Pet Selections

We have a wide range of newborn pets from which you can select the desired one.

Puppy Training

We offer special puppy training courses that have a very good effect on your puppies.

Top Movies To Watch With Your Pets

Turner And Hooch

When it comes to dog movies Hunter and Hooch will definitely clinch the top spot.

dr dolittle
Dr. Dolittle

Eddy Murphy sure did create a strong impact in the minds of people with the iconic pet film.

eight below
Eight Below

Paul Walker was not just about fast and furious. He is definitely more than that. Eight Below is the perfect example for that.

Our Blog

  • 1. A cat's meow is not a means of communication between its own kind. It is exclusively used to communicate with their human owner. They are extremely good at modulating their vocals depending on the requirement of the situation. For example, the morning feeding call is longer and more powerful whereas the adoption call at a shelter is shorter and less powerful. cats 2. Goldfishes are known to have short life-spans but if looked after well enough they are capable of living for as long as 30 years in captivity. The record age of a goldfish in captivity is 43. 3. As per the records of the Humane Society of the United States, Parrots are the fourth amongst the nation's most popular pets. This is a result declared as per a survey conducted in the year 2012 by the American Veterinary Medical Association. 4. Many pet dogs have a condition called the " Frito Feet." This condition is caused due to the presence of yeast or Proteus Bacteria on a pups feet. This creates a sweet and corn tortilla like smell. In some cases wherein the bacteria is Pseudomonas it even smells fruity. Dogs 5. A survey taken showed that eighty-one percent of the cat owners permit their cats to sleep on their beds. However, only seventy-three percent of dog owners allow they dogs on to the bed. 6. One of the most popular turtle species in the pet department of the USA is the red-eared slider. These turtles are capable of growing a foot long and also live up to 20 years. 7. The most popular pet species of Hamsters are Syrian, Dwarf Winter White Russian, Chinese, Dwarf Campbells Russian, and Roborovski. Hamsters have cheek pouches that extend down to their hips. Hamster 8. Almost 80 million U.S households have pets, and 42 percent of these households have more than just one pet. As per the 2015-2016 survey done by the APPA, the United States of America has  85.8 million pet cats and 77.8 million pet dogs that are accounted for in the registers of the APPA. 9. As per information from the American Pet Products Association (APPA), people who own pets in the United States spent over a  $60.28 billion on maintenance and care of their furry friends. This information is as per the data collected in the year 2015. A further rise of $2 billion in 2016 was also predicted from the survey results.  

      10. In the United States, pet owners look after their pets very lavishly and almost as if it were their own flesh and blood. Therefore over Forty-five percent of pet owners admit to occasionally buying their pets presents of all kinds.

  • 1. Warner Bros. Entertainment -

    Warner Bros. Entertainment is a production house that is owned by Time Warner and was founded in the year 1923. It is famous for having produced some of Hollywood's best films ever since its inception. Some of these movies are even path-breaking. For example, The Jazz Singer which is one of the first movies to have introduced synchronized sound. Warner Bros

    2. Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group -

    The Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group is a Sony Entertainment division and a very significant part of the Sony Conglomerate. The largest subsidiary of the studio is Columbia Pictures which was acquired in the year 1989 from Coca-Cola for $3.4 billion.  

    3. Walt Disney Studios -

    The Walt Disney Studios is the entertainment wing of The Walt Disney Company. Walt Disney is everyone's fairytale. The production house has been responsible for the production of some of the most beautiful movies ever produced. Disney is most popular amongst its child audience. Walt Disney Studio  

    4. Universal Pictures -

    Universal Studios has had a hand in producing some of the most timeless classics of the industry. Some of their major box-office hits have been movies such as The Jurassic Park, Jaws, and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.  

    5. 20th Century Fox -

    20th Century Fox is on the frontline of every other Hollywood movie ever produced. It is one of the Big Six studios and was initially owned by New Corporation between 1984 and 2013. Later, that company split into two, News Corp and 21st Century Fox. The latter now owns the studio. One of their biggest box office hits is Avatar which earned over $2.7 billion. 20th Century Fox  

    6. Paramount Pictures -

    This production house is also a member of the Big Six. The Viacom media conglomerate owns Paramount Pictures. Their most successful movie so far has been Titanic which grossed over $2 billion.  

    7. Lionsgate Films -

    Lionsgate Films is one of the most commercially successful television and mini-major movie distribution company in the whole of North America. It is also seventh in line as the most profitable movie studio. This studio came into existence way back in the year 1962. This studio was later bought over by the Lion Gate Entertainment Group in the year 1997 which is what we know of today. Lion gates  

    8. The Weinstein Company -

    The Weinstein Company was founded by two brothers Harvey and Bob Weinstein in the year 2005.  Some of their most successful films included Derailed, 1408 and Scream 4. The Weinstein Company is famous for turning every project they work on into a profitable one. Their highest grossing film is Django Unchained, and this movie grossed over $425 million at the box office worldwide.  

    9. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios -

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios is a film and television program producer. It is based in the USA and was founded in the year 1924. They are now a mini-major studio owing to their filling of bankruptcy in the year 2010. 9. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios  

    10. DreamWorks Pictures -

    Owned by Amblin Partners, DreamWorks is one of the finest movie producers in Hollywood. It was founded in the year 1994 by the popular Steven Spielberg, David Geffen, and Jeffrey Katzenberg. Some of their top films include Gladiator, Transformers and Saving Private Ryan. In 2005 due to a debt of over $400 million DreamWorks was sold to Viacom.