Medical expenses will be borne 100% - Doggy Poo
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Medical expenses will be borne 100%

When a pet goes to a hospital, there is no social insurance or national health insurance etc, so the pet’s medical expenses are totally burdened.

However, if you join pet insurance, you will have a very economical margin because it will be burden around 50%.


Since pets do not have such a medical expenses burden, medical expenses will cost more than people if you do not join pet insurance.
In particular, some pets tend to be extremely sick, and so there are times when medical expenses are costly due to sudden surgery etc.
Also, even if you are a healthy pet, you will not be competing against diseases like humans by taking old.
Therefore, it is important to take future measures by subscribing to such pet insurance.


Currently, there are few animals that can still join pet insurance, and you may feel some inconvenience.
However, it is expected to respond to all kinds of animals in the future because it has increased dramatically as compared with the time when pet insurance was made.